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Tom Zombie Festival

TZF Updates

2015 TZF CANCELLED DUE TO LOSS OF TRIMERIC BELL.  Organizers are now planning for the 2016 event. Please support our new non-profit ‘The Tom Zombie Historical Society’ (learn more about it here) by purchasing items from this website and thank you for your support and interest.

Latest videos

Two Year Tom Zombie


JADE DIBOWSKI is our 2014 & 2015 Tom Zombie. Due to powers outside our control we have been forced to take unnatural steps to house the curse within this young woman’s body for an entire extra year. Though these foul magics are forbidden once again we have been forced to choose the lesser of two evils: torture the soul of a single innocent, young Jade for an extra year or allow the dead to roam freely across the country side. Thank you for your sacrifice Jade!

St. Thomas Tom Zombie Festival


TZHS_logo_ICON1Click above to learn more about the Tom Zombie Historical Society. The legend is real.

Black-T-Shirt-Pattern-DISPLAYBuy an official Legend of Tom Zombie T-Shirt or the Tom Zombie Bible by clicking here

TomZomBie_Icon_FB_2The Tom Zombie Bible Volume One, is a hardcover coffee table book which outlines all the revealed and discovered history surrounding the Legend of Tom Zombie and all the events leading up to and during the Tom Zombie Festival during the first two years (2013 & 2014). It includes historical accounts, original compositions. original artwork and tons of photographs by local photographers. It is also the go-to guide for those who may be interested in writing or producing original work for submission to the Tom Zombie Historical Society.